Club Penguin Fan Universe

When an avalanche damaged the dojo, teams were sent out to find items to save.

List of items[]

Ninja Scroll[]

A scroll was found saying this. It is apparantly from 2005.

It said:

どのようにラウンドをバックすると、の忍者2005 スタンド道場30ベルト、分マスクを取得言って使用すると、はい1になりたい右が壁を開く忍者はされますが来るから彼らが求めることをする場合は、。

It has the worst grammar. Translation:

And back round to how the belt 30 dojo Stand 2005 ninjas, you can use to say get the mask minute, ninja open the wall on the right want to be a yes if it is they want to come will be the ninja.

Message from the penguin who found it: (Iceanator189)

It's quite odd. I think it means you stand in the Dojo 30 minutes and the right wall explodes and you become a ninja.

A "how to make a dojo" tutorial[]

These were later copied and put into the Ninja Hideout. The are the base for a Dojo Igloo.