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Penguinmicro-iris Destruction of Valve City is a predicted scenario, so the events you read here are imagined. Do not take it as fact.
Destruction of Valve City
Vital statistics
Participants Residents and Mr. Valve
Date 31 June 2021
Location Valve City

In the predicted future, Valve City will be destroyed. This event will be known as the Destruction of Valve City, which is estimated to take place on January 31, 2021. The destruction is actually a hurricane, smacking out the houses outside the built-up area, destroying them and stopping the process. Valve City later became a town.

The event[]

In the early morning, workers started going to the site to build more houses. At about 9:48 AM, a hurricane was heard. All the workers evacuated.

Later, around noon, the hurricane struck the area. Most nearly-built up houses were destroyed, and some remained halved.


The hurricane stopped the countinuation of building more houses around the proposed land spaces. However, there was no other hurricane since then. What lies there is some halved houses, and other broken ones.

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