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Destroying Isotope
A pamphlet that describes the harm brought to penguins in Isotope.
Vital statistics
Participants Alex12345a and other penguins
Date 18 July 2010-
Location MAI

Destroying Isotope is a plan devised by a group of penguins, notably writer Alex12345a and a few other military officers, all hailing from MAI. The aim is to destroy Isotope, hoping to free all its workers and stop unfair labor in the country. Effects may include destroying the whole of Antarctica, raising the sea level which would cause problems worldwide and the death of many. Therefore, they are hoping to find a solution to these problems. The Elected Director of MAI The Leader ordered a Uber-Clearance classification and for those lower a need-to-know basis.

The event (possibly)[]

The group discussed in a cafe about the plan. They came out with three plans. Effects would be stated below.

Before reading the plans, you have to understand that:

  • They aim to free the workers
  • They aim to rid Isotope without harm (if possible)
  • They aim to stop the heartless penguin from continuing unfair labor

Plan 1: Drill[]

Plan: First, they would dig a hole in some random spot in Trans-Antarctica. The hole would go extremely deep. If possible, some large machine would do the job. Rescue the workers thereafter, and fight those who want to stop the plan.

Good points (Pros):

  • Workers would be freed.
  • No lives killed.

Bad points (Cons):

  • May take a long time to find exact location.
  • Machine may break down half-way.
  • Isotope still there!

Plan 2: BoF Bribery[]

Note, all members of the group are aware of the Fourth Wall, the BoF and its activities.

Plan: Bribe Director Benny with what he wants to save the slaves and destroy the heartless penguin.

Good points (Pros):

  • No more Isotope!
  • No more heartless penguin!
  • No more slavery!
  • No one, but the bad, hurt.
  • Won't take that much effort.

Bad points (Cons):

  • Hard to find BoF (making the plan impossible).
  • Bribing Benny requires large amounts of money. LARGE amounts.

Plan 3: Agent[]

Note, all members are agents of the EPF or TSU some of which work in the military and are familiar with most situations.

Plan: Become a slave and rescue all of them.

Good points (Pros):

  • No harm.

Bad points (Cons):

  • Being caught, oh no!


Unknown, polls not held yet.


The Leader, Elected Dictactor of MAI, stated:

Quote1This will not benefit Antarctica at all but will destroy us instead. Once we drill our hole, if the water overflows, then we will be unable to prevent the overflooding of the world... and Antarctica. The continent will be destroyed along with the whole of Earth... forever. Plan 3 is too risky; we can't risk sending in excellent agents. Meanwhile, Plan 2 is TOO expensive. We will not waste our money on a useless Director.Quote2

~ The Leader .

The Leader only quoted plan 2 to fourth wall breakers and plan 3 to uber-clearance agemts, otherwise the public might find out the project.

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