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Dessert Hotel
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Vital statistics
Type Accodomation
Level Any
Location Dessert Island

Inhabitants Tourists

Dessert Hotel is the only hotel which rests in Dessert Island for tourists to stay for eating chocaltate. Made in 2007 by Bernard Chan, it is a 4-star hotel.


In 2007, many tourists and penguins have been already going to the island to eat dessert and view scenic sights. As the only three bed and breakfasts in Dessert Island are serving only 30 tourists a night with (90 of 150 served), 60 are left stranded needing a place to stay during their holiday. They had to sleep in the extra inn which is nearly going to break down and not made well. Thus, they had converted the inn to a full-hotel with the design re-furbished and the holes (they built the hotel on top of the inn) and damages repaired and changed into a hotel. Thus, it came about.

As it is located near the three B&Bs, all three shared it's services with the hotel. The first one serves as an outside restarunt. The second serves as a minature shopping center with lots of desserts in it. The third one is an extra hotel for standard rooms. Eventually, the area became known as Dessert Town Center. It is rumored Billybob from Club Penguin Island lives here.


Please read from top to bottom

  1. Reception, Dessert Restarunt, Dessert Land, Garden Lodge
  2. Standard, Chocalate Cafe, Vanilla Bar
  3. Standard, Park
  4. Standard, Swimming Pool
  5. Deluxe, Fitness Center
  6. Deluxe, Spa
  7. Deluxe
  8. Primier, To Special Suites
  9. Primier
  10. Suite
  11. Berry Suites
  12. Icecream Suites

The Special Suites are located at another building beside the B&B. It is known as Special Suites Tower.


  • Tourists
  • Bernard Chan
  • More Tourists
  • Employees

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