Club Penguin Fan Universe

The Department of Vandalism is a department in the Bureau of Fiction that deals with the reverting, deletion, and banning of vandals and vandalism. Largely considered to be an awesome and fun job, the Department only has fifty employees. However, the space allotted to the Department's Record Room of Vandals takes up an half of a floor in the Bureau of Fiction, because of the important files there.


The Department of Article Management consists of three (or four, if you count Dan's "MASSIVE" office) sub-departments, which share the fifty staff between them.

The Record Room[]

This is where every vandal and all their acts and accounts of what happened are stored here. There are files on everything from Ben Hun's petty vandalism to the three Crises. A copy of the COC is stored here, too.

Each file is organized into cabinets (similar to the Omnibus). Each cabinet has a different letter on it telling which users are stored in it.

Ten staff members work here, organizing files and what-not.

Ban Room[]

One of the biggest sub-departments, the Ban Room, consults the COC and bans repeat vandals. It is also the easiest job in the BOF, but has 20 staff members.

Protection Administration Board[]

The job of this sub-department is to revert vandalism that is bigger than the Rollbacks can handle. It has special remotes that are stronger than the rollback remotes and can revert every edit a vandal has ever done if need be.

The Department has 10 employees.

Dan's Office[]

The most awesome and fun job in the department, this sub-department's job is to be Dan's "assistant", really it is just sitting with him and watching TV. It has a secret cabinet with a small supply of ban hammers. No one except Dan and Benny know these are here. It is the ONLY place that has them except the Sysop office. Dan is the only one who even uses them. Benny let Dan have them after he joined the MMK. This office isn't really huge, Ned and Natalie just really have a way with making things fit into small places and making the places look big. It has 10 "assistants".


  • Despite being regarded as a fun, the Department of Article Management has been put to shame at the Staff Sports Day.
  • It has the Bureau of Fiction's second largest supply of ban hammers, right after the Department of Sysop's ban hammer room its self.