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Denno Tressa is an undiscovered bomb. She does not say much on Club Penguin, but she is said to be extremely evil. She is the third most evil member of the Senshi family, she even comes before Denno Orient. She, along with the rest of the Denno/Senshi family are making an appearance in the third Denno Senshi movie.

The Senshi Family

The Denno Family from youngest to oldest.

0-10 years old: Denno Tod | Denno (the family Puffle) |

11-20 years old: Denno Senshi |

21-30 years old: Denno Magenta (rare) | Denno Tressa |

31-40 years old: Denno Orient |

41-50 years old: Denno Rogue (master Denno) |