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Denno Tod or Denno Todd is the youngest member of the Senshi family, at just 5 years old. He will be the only member not starring in the third Denno Senshi movie, but PPP have said that he will be starring in one of them. He is too young to focus on hacking and morphing, and enjoys playing games and talking to friends!

The Senshi Family

The Denno Family from youngest to oldest.

0-10 years old: Denno Tod | Denno (the family Puffle) |

11-20 years old: Denno Senshi |

21-30 years old: Denno Magenta (rare) | Denno Tressa |

31-40 years old: Denno Orient |

41-50 years old: Denno Rogue (master Denno) |