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Denno Orient is the second most powerful penguin in the Denno family. She believes that she can hack anyones account in an instant, but this has yet to be confirmed. Denno Orient is married to the wretchedly evil Denno Rogue, which is why she is so evil. She prefers frogs and dark colours rather than hacking and morphing. She will also be starring in the third Denno Senshi movie.

The Senshi Family

The Denno Family from youngest to oldest.

0-10 years old: Denno Tod | Denno (the family Puffle) |

11-20 years old: Denno Senshi |

21-30 years old: Denno Magenta (rare) | Denno Tressa |

31-40 years old: Denno Orient |

41-50 years old: Denno Rogue (master Denno) |