Club Penguin Fan Universe

Vital statistics
Title master pilot
Gender Male
Race West Khanz Penguin
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Good
Level 765
Status Helping Flywish
Location Flywish's Mansion

Dennie is a penguin who is a master pilot.


Dennie was born sometime back in West Pengolia. He was the average Khanz...but he always had much more of an intrest in cars and trucks than the other Khanz. When he was a chick, he met two penguins. They all were good friends. He left West Pengolia at adulthood, and landed a job as a Taxi Driver. However, he felt that this line of work was boring. He joined the police, and tried to raid Darktan. He won some things, but Darktan got it back fairly quickly. After that, he got fired from the police. So, he met up with Flywish. Then, he agreed to help him and his Army. He started flying planes and driving Flywish's limousine. He also advertises for members to join Flywish's Army. However, being Pengolian, he isn't much of an advertiser. Flywish tries to hide that fact, and likes Dennie.

He happens to be good at fighting, and leads Flywish's men in drills.


He sometimes drops Powerbombs on penguins to stun them and help Flywish. Dennie also attacks buildings he doesn't like (too agressive) by ramming his truck into them. Sometimes this is good, but when he mistook a Smoothie shop for a Darktan building...he doesn't do that too much. He also has a good relationship with Austin8310 and Flywish


  • He once landed a falling plane.
  • He is Flywish's limo driver.

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