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Deletion Slicer Missile
Vital statistics
Type A modified Deletion Missile
Effects Mass deletion
Source Lichenblossom
Location Lichenblossom Deletion Missile Storage Facility
Cost to buy Varies
Cost to sell Varies

Deletion Slicer Missiles, more commonly referred to as Slicer Missiles, Slicers, or DSMs, are cruise missiles with the capability of firing beams of deletion energy to eliminate obstacles and secondary targets while simultaneously heading towards a primary target. They are so expensive that only the USA, UnitedTerra, Freezeland and Dorkugal can afford to buy them.


Slicers are like standard KZT 8000 Deletion Missiles, painted jet black with a lime-green nosecone to signify their advanced weaponry. They weight about 265 pounds and contain 15 kilograms' worth of Deletion Flux Crystal. Slicers run on just highly refined Ditto A, causing them to move at a little less than two-thirds of a regular Deletion Missile's speed. However, they are still potent in firepower. The warhead of a Slicer Missile is almost exactly like that of a KZT 8000 Deletion Missile, except for a tube sticking out of the top of the central sphere and heading out towards a hole in the nosecone (this will be explained in the section "Mechanism"). An advanced radar and ultrasonic tracking system is located behind the warhead. The system is connected to ultrasonic sensors on the front of the nosecone, which detect approaching obstacles or targets. Unlike Deletion Missiles, Slicer Missiles can be controlled from the launch pad.

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Inside the warhead of a Slicer Missile, small doses of electrical energy are supplied to a compressed Deletion Flux Crystal. This causes the crystal to release deletion energy, which is fed up the tube mentioned earlier. The energy is compacted into a sphere at the front of the missile for storage. When the ultrasonic or radar detects an obstacle or a target, the data is relayed back to the missile's computer as well as external guidance computers operated manually. The operators and the missile's computer work together to lock onto a target, and then a short burst of deletion energy is fired from the nose cone, eliminating the obstacle/target.

Eventually, the deletion crystal runs out of energy, and the Slicer Missile is left to fly towards its final target. Once it gets there, it will operate like a normal missile, exploding upon impact.

Known Consumers[]

The Slicer Missile is so expensive that few countries can afford to purchase it.



  • Mullet livery
  • Compass livery


  • Floppy disk livery
  • Pi livery
  • Integral livery




  • Avant livery
  • Carmenville livery


  • The Deletion Slicer Missile is so powerful that its very existence is classified as Confidential, No Zlo Shroomsky (C-NZS).
  • Slicer Missiles are primarily used to cut down enemy lines and obstacles before sending out the big guns. They work excellently at doing this.
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