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Deletion Laser
Deletion Rifle
A Deletion Rifle
Vital statistics
Type Tactical High Energy Laser
Effects Deletion
Cost to buy Varies
Cost to sell Varies

Deletion Lasers are devices that emit controlled bursts of deletion energy. They were invented in Lichenblossom.


All Deletion Lasers have the same basic mechanism: a Deletion Flux Crystal is connected to a high-voltage electrical power source and placed inside a vacuum tube. The tube's back end is covered in material highly resistant to deletion energy, while the front end is left uncovered. When the laser is activated, the power source shocks the crystal and causes it to emit deletion energy towards the tube's front end and back end. The deletion energy that goes towards the back end of the tube is reflected towards the front end of the tube, so that a highly concentrated beam of deletion energy escapes out of the laser.


There are three major types of emitters in the Deletion Laser family. Each type has subclasses, as shown below:

  • Handheld Laser -- The deletion laser comes in the form of a black gun. Pressing the trigger activates the power source and a burst of energy is fired.
  • Cannon -- The deletion laser comes in the form of a mobile "cannon" connected to a computer. Initiating the firing sequence activates the power source. This form is intended for use on land and at sea.
    • Short-range cannon -- Cannons that have a range of 225 to 375 meters.
    • Long-range cannon -- Cannons that have a range of 400 to 500 meters.
    • Repeating cannon -- Short- or long-range cannons that can fire at a rate over 2 blasts per second. Anything over 4 blasts is rapid-fire.
  • Retractable -- This form is like the cannon, except that it can retract into a host vehicle. This form is intended to be installed on aircraft and (possibly) spacecraft.

Known Consumers[]


  • Deletion Lasers aren't actually true lasers, since they emit deletion energy instead of light.
  • The actual process used to produce Deletion Lasers is kept extremely secret. This is because if anyone else discovered the exact formula for the material that reflects the deletion energy out of the laser, they could mass-produce anti-deletion shields, thus ruining the potential of deletion warfare.
    • When Lichenblossom gave the USA the task of mass-producing deletion weaponry during Twilight and Shadow, they did find out the formula of the material that was resistant to deletion energy, but decided that they would only use it to construct important buildings, items, and vehicles (like the Capitol and Air Force One), to prevent anyone else from reverse engineering the material's chemical structure.
  • Keysabers and Snow Dude's ice are one of the only weapons that can deflect a deletion laser.

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