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There are strange events that can occur during the deletion of an object. This page attempts to list them all.


Vacuum Shock[]

When a Deletion Missile deletes an object, the blast wave of energy tends to carve a vacuum cavity in the atmosphere. This causes air to move inwards to fill in the empty space. When a large volume is deleted, the resulting vacuum shock can cause huge gales to stir up, blowing air towards the site of the explosion.

When a particularly large missile explodes, the Ditto A and B inside its warhead usually generate a large amount of heat. During the resulting vacuum shock, the air compresses into spinning currents and warms up. If enough heat is generated by the explosion alone, and if there is enough water in the atmosphere, the warm air currents can form clouds. The USA government is currently investigating this effect due to its potential in creating artificial storms which could be used in warfare.


Sometimes, when a missile hits an object to delete it, the blast wave of energy will "fizzle out" because there is more matter than the blast wave can delete. This usually leaves a large, spherical dent in the side of the object. Inside the dent, the spots where the blast waves fizzled out are translucent. Their molecular structure has been scrambled, allowing any solid, liquid, or gas to pass through them.

Unlike full deletion, semi-deletion is relatively easy to undo (although it takes time), and the USA government is considering its potential for allowing soldiers to pass through anything.

More phenomena to be added soon!