Club Penguin Fan Universe
Dave Lon
Vital statistics
Title Mr.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction None
Health Good
Level 34
Status In Court
Location Club Penguin Island
Occupation Criminal
Interests Robbing stores,doing criminalish stuff.
Friends Other criminals
Enemies Good guys
Archetype Unknown

Dave Lon is a penguin criminal who has robbed 45 stores. He is currently in court.


Dave grew up on Club Penguin and at age 19 he said "I will be a robber when I grow up, Mom!" He is the same size of every penguin. He was almost caught in a bank right when he stumbled out the door of the bank. He was born in 1974.


He is sometimes found running/waddling over to a store to rob. He comes every few months.


  • He wanted to be in a game but never was.
  • He sometimes wears an eye patch in museums.
  • He is known to like punk, metal, and rock music.
  • Dave had a girlfriend before he was a criminal. She broke up with Dave when they were 20.

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