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Daughter Arctic
Vital statistics
Title Internet Blog Master
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Aunt Arctic relative
Health She is pale due to lack of sun
Level Two hundred thousand hits a week.
Status Blogging
Location Her igloo
Occupation Professional blogger
Interests News, getting the scoop
Friends Aunt Arctic
Enemies N/A
Archetype Good

Daughter Artic is a relative of Aunt Arctic and a highly notable blogger. Her blog is one of the most-viewed in Antarctica, and it covers diverse subjects ranging from politics to the latest parties in Club Penguin and even what to invest in at the stock market.

She is one of the first AA relatives to enter the digital age of media.


Daughter Arctic hatched early in Colonial Antarctica, in 1982. The Internet had just begun, and as she grew, she saught to use it. Inspired by her family and the urge to give the latest information, Daughter Arctic turned to computers for her information.

Her website, "", became very populer and is one of the oldest websites in Antarctica, having been founded in 1990.

She continues to deliver the goods nonstop. She was there to cover the Revolution, the War of 2002, and everything in between. Her obbsession to get the scoop leads to her getting strange stories and in weird events. She once landed in trouble with Canren, after she drafted a story about Midas and Herb but decided not to publish it. Canren tried to coerce her into doing so, and when that failed, she tried to steal the papers to hand to Miss Aurumen.


Daughter Arctic updates her blog weekly. It currently recieves two hundred thousand views eac new post.


  • Daughter Arctic is seen as a very nerdy penguin.
  • Aunt Arctic is proud of her for ventring into new media.
  • Daughter Arctic is not really Aunt Arctic's daughter.
  • Her first name really is Daughter.

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