Club Penguin Fan Universe
Darktan War III
Vital statistics
Type game
Effects FUN!!!!!!!
Source FUN!!!!!!
Location game
Cost to buy deluxe edittion (all three games) 98 coins (normal) 18 coins
Cost to sell

After Darktan has been defeated once more, His finale step of his plan is unveiled. he unleashes a army that quickly eradicates the st00dles,most of ACP,and the south pole council.CCA, remantd of ACP, and MMK form the UAF (united antartic force) but CCA is the main faction and the others are subfactions with very few units.

If you Win on UAF side then you see Darktan get blasted by a balljillion Z virus bombs and turns into a chick, where then mabel saids to kill it. But Corai adopts the darktan chick.

If Darktan imperial wins then you watch Corai get thrown into lava and he DOES die.And the rest of his army is mind cotnrolled and turned to doom knights.


Chi Con units

  • Corai (main command unit)
  • MECH trooper (Robot bearing a hotsauce chaingun and a nonlethal laser,PLUS Z virus grenades)
  • Ranger. long range low damage.snowball gun
  • brunt. no range. meele. high damage.fists
  • tank. medium range.medium damage.nonlethal super laser/snowball machine gun
  • Surray.low range.meele.wrench.can build *powerplants.robots.turrets.barracks.tents.can rewire hostile robots. (second commander unit)
  • terry. no damage.can infiltrate enemy buildings and steal something. (second commander unit)


  • elitists
  • Agents
  • director (commander unit)


  • ranger.snowballs.low damage.low range
  • officer. hotsauce machine gun. high damage.low range.area of affect.afterdamage lasts for one minute
  • Combat Armed Apache. Ditto missiles and Z bombs (upgrades) 100 ROFLWAFFLES a minute

Darktan Imperials

  • Doom knights
  • abyss knights
  • Magma puffles (only one allowed)
  • Darktan (your commander unit)
  • lava puffles
  • mwa mwa tanks
  • mwa mwa penguins
  • petguins (lions)
  • Darktan bomber

MMK units

  • mabel (commander unit)
  • Cabel X (second commander unit)
  • Ethan (commando)
  • Mabel trooper (has snowball gun) penguin


Its the finale game in the Darktan wars triligy

There will be a tournimant for it and winner gets a raise to be able to ahve 20 million coins max and you get 5 million coins if you win.

Darktan himself will be at tourmant doign COOP

COOP allows you to play with a second player in a campain.

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