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Darktan: Destroyer of Worlds
Inspiration(s) Darktan
Developer(s) Rocket-Pen Games
Publisher(s) Micro Hard and Soft, Snowtendo
Release date in USA 21 July 2009
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Release date in Free Republics of the USA 23 July 2009
Genre Action/Fighthing, real time tactics and a Turn Based Strategic Game
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Platform(s) Vii, DS, PBOX 360
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Darktan: Destroyer of Worlds is an undergoing-development game made by Rocket-Pen Games and published by Micro Hard and Soft and Snowtendo. It will be available for Vii, DS and PBOX 360. Darktan: Destroyer of Worlds is a mix between real time and a Turn Based game. It revolves around 3 factions: Darktan's army, the USA and Snowzerland. It's been confirmed that it will be released in the UTR.



Recently, a demo had been releasd, allowing you to play one mission from each faction. Here are the walkthroughs:

Darktonian Army[]





  • USA
  • Rebels
  • Darktonian Army


  • Freezeland
  • Independants (other nations. All regions are named in names of other countries. For instance, the Rock Union nation isn't on as nation, but it's instead a region)
  • ACP
  • Restoration of Colonial Antarctica.
  • Underground (They don't own any nations, but they do cause unrest.)
  • Peninsula Confederation (A break away factions, seeking to join the Rebels. They rebel from the USA, and after a few turns, become Rebel territroy.)
  • Free Republics

Major Factions that can be added from downloads[]

  • UnitedTerra (really, this moves the UTR from being a minor faction)
  • Mr Cow2's room

Minor Factions that can be added from downloads[]

Note: The Free Republic faction is removed after this download.

  • UPM (like the Underground faction)


Domination is where you can play as any faction. However, you only start with the Rebels, the USA, and Darktan's Army. If the UTR is a major faction and East Pengolia is a major too, then those will be avalible. As you destroy minor factions, they'll become avalible to play. This is an exception to the Independants and the Underground, though they can be made playable by downloading a update.

Walkthroughs of the Storyline[]





  • A squeal will be released, called Darktan: Invader of Galaxies.

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