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Dark Phinguin is a copycat of the Dark Penguins community. He is usually seen in servers Blizzard and Mammoth of Club Penguin. He usually acts as the leader of the species, demanding orders and being bossy. A snapshot was taken of him doing this, and is displayed below. Another is an illustration, which is not drawn perfectly. Who knows? Eventually, he was captured by the group of course, and totured with YEA!


He was born on the eve of April Fool's, 1997. During that period, he was in Eastshield. Of course, there was no advanced technology, and everything was using 6th generation game consoles. Thus, around 1999, he bought a video console, which is described as Snowtendo GameSquare. He played a game called "Dark... but Fun Penguins Game", which wanted to make him the copycat of the decade.

Yes it was, and Copier Guy can't defeat him. He was acting as if he was the leader of the Dark Penguins, and have went around Blizzard server, demanding orders in 2002. He was only 5 then. and he could remember the past carefully. At the age of 8, in the year 2005, he went on the usually-crowded Mammoth server, and has begun to enter the outer steps of the Forest, not the New Forests, shouting "I AM YOUR LEADER DARK PENGUINS!".

Around the late months of 2008, when he went near the forest, an old stick from the forest pulled him inside, and was never seen again. He was probably captured by the Dark Penguins. However, the penguins were real glad. That he's gone. No more.



  • He wears a black colour, which suits him as a Dark Penguin.
  • He is an idol of Explorer 767, but Explorer does not like him for his "bossiness".

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