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Dark Penguins:A True Story
Yes, true. Arch Dan is very honest.
Vital statistics
Type History Book
Effects Tears
Source The Leader, Arch Dan
Location Gift Shop, Shops, Book Stores
Cost to buy Varies
Cost to sell Varies

Dark Penguins:A True Story is a book written by Arch Dan and The Leader, who wanted the USA to know the history of Dark Penguins and their battle for survival. Everything about this story tells the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth. It was a best seller, taking #2 for the best seller (the #1 best seller is Penguins: A Threat to Human Society?. In Dorkugal, it's quite a seller while in Eastshield, it made a record for a good name. Despite all the records and sales, it didn't make #1 best seller.


Over years and years, Penguinkind had feared Dark Penguins, believing that they are evil and cruel. However, after many years, the truth can be revealed; they need to do it ot survive. You see, Dark Penguins were the most peaceful PEnguins living in Antartica. However, when the Khanzem era started, many of the soon to be Dar Penguins fought against Khanzem in resistence groups, a notable one today would be the Branch Resistence, who helped High Penguin agents escape from the Naughtzees. The efforts were good. However, Branch Colaberators and other Calborators lead the Khanzem to the resitence groups. The resistence had to flee for their lives (though they can't be killed due to the COC and the death code.)