Club Penguin Fan Universe
Dare the Red Puffle
You wouldn't understand.
Vital statistics
Title Dare
Gender Male
Race Red Puffle
Faction Faction
Health Pretty unhealthy
Level N/A
Status Emo, talking puffle
Location Dare's igloo

Dare is a red puffle capable of speech. He adheres to emoist doctrines and often launches himself from his cannon onto very hard walls. Don't worry, he wears a helmet, so it doesn't actually hurt him, excluding the initial shock.


  • When he isn't purposely hurting himself, Dare helps his friends to care for their puffles, giving them tips and hints.
  • He annoys people sometimes with his hushed, depressing voice.
  • He has, on several occasions, slit his tounge with a peice of paper. It stings, but no harm is really done, other than a mildly bleeding tounge.
  • Dare's typical response to a question regarding his behavior is "you wouldn't understand".


  • When asked why he endlessly hurts himself, he says "you wouldn't understand".
  • He seems to have some sort of black "hair" in addition to his fur (much like an Injoface or Kai).

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