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Vital statistics
Title Villain
Gender Female
Race Antibody
Faction Herself
Health Good
Level Exactly 14 years old, major diffrence in Dars's age.
Status Inventing, but for evil.
Location Travels
Occupation Inventer...OF EVIL
Interests Evil, Pain, Suffery, Inventing
Friends None
Enemies Unable to list them all.
Archetype Evil

DarX is the X antibody of Dars. A very, very smart one for one.


When Dars was improving apon her stun-3000, she caught the X-Virus, DarX came out qucikly, faster then normally. Dars and DarX exchaged angry glares, and DarX ran away. Like Dars, DarX had a urge to have power and invent. She did, she didnt get power but she did invent, alot.


DarX travels, spreading pain threw her Cyborgnetic upgrade. She also invents for evil, she constantly gives her inventions to villains. Including Xorai, Darktan II, WishFlyX, Nightmare, etc.


  • She, like Dars, has a cyborgnetic upgrade. But DarX's causes the victem's head to hurt, really bad.
  • DarX's X is on her cyborgnetic upgrade. Also on her fur, but its near impossible to see. Thats why she put that X on her cyborgnetic upgrade.
  • Her, and Dars's upgrades work by sending a signal to the eye sockets, amek a flash of light on them. The Flash does the rest.

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