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Olde Viking Kingom
Der Olde Kingdom of Der Norse
490 AD – 743 AD Viking Empire Flag
Go for der gold
O Viking King
Capital Slav'ick
Language(s) English, Danish, Swedish, German, Penguinian, Slavic languages
Government Kingdom
Historical era Ancient Period-Early Middle Ages
 - Kingdom is Established 490 AD
 - Kingdom joins the HPC. 743 AD
Currency Durgen

The Olde Kingdom of Vikings was a former country located in the present day Antarctic Peninsula and Trans-Antarctica.


This Kingdom was established after The Peninsulan Slav'ens fell, by the nephew of the Last king of the Slav'ens. The Nephhew made sure that the capital was rebuilt, and was crowned a king soon after. No significant events occured, but trading flourished, along with art, architecture, and culinary arts. This developed the modern Viking Traditions. It had good rulers, until the last king reigned. He was a novince since his father had died of a serious illness. Many didn't think that he was fit for being king, so they joined the HPC. From then, the Viking culture was long forgotten, until the Great Snowzerland War I.

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