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Dako Unki
"Yeah, I'm nearly obbesed with puffles, laugh and Ill kick you to the next dimesion!"
Vital statistics
Title Teh First Unki
Gender Male
Race Viking Penguin
Faction Gung Hao's Son
Health Good, Prior to Death
Level Died at Exactly 78 Years 4 Minutes 3 seconds.
Status Dead
Location Buried in a Grave somewhere in the Hochstadt Canyon, where he lived when he still lived.
Occupation Puffle Round Upper
Interests Puffles, Ninjas.
Friends Gung Hao
Enemies Jacques Hochstadt
Archetype Good

Dako is the first Unki, and one of the meanest too, as he dislikes his own brother. Familar?


The first son of Gung Hao, Dako never, ever, liked his brother much. And constantly tried to be better then him. But he wasnt, and that constantly ended with Dako looking like a moron. Dako always liked Puffles, and at one point became near obbsed with there cuteness. Just like the Unkis.

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  • He never liked his brother, Jacques.
  • He was constantly teased cause of his love for puffles.
  • Like his Brother and Father, Dako learned to use the Sensei State. He only used it once to create the Hochstadt Canyon during a fight with Jacques.

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