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Cyclosus image
Lizlord all over again
Vital statistics
Title Evil Mutant
Gender Male
Race Penguin with Giant Squid DNA
Faction Evil
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Trapped in an Underwater Cell next to Metal Explorer
Location Owcatraz
Occupation Attempting to escape
Interests Fighting
Friends Metal Explorer, Malcur, Virus (formerly)
Enemies Tails6000, Willy the Penguin, Virus, Wikia Masters, Malcur (formerly)

Cyclosus is a mutated Emperor Penguin who was injected with DNA from a Giant Squid mixed with Ditto. It resulted in him taking on the form of a 10 foot tall Squid with a penguin beak. He has most of the strengths and weaknesses of Giant Squids.


Cyclosus was originally named Chris and lived in South Pole City. He never fit in with anyone for he was extremely cowardly. His father was at times embarrased with his son and he tried to get him to be less afraid things. Unfortunatley it did no good so he spent nearly all his childhood inside his families igloo.

Years later he got a job at Burger Khan where he was constantly scared of the logo for the restraunt. He somehow managed to work there for 5 years until he was fired for falling asleep on the job. He then went on to work as an assistant for G's evil brother Xary who years later went to work for Kwiksilver's insane dimensional counterpart Virus. It then when he was first injected with the Squid DNA. At first Xary thought it would simply be a was to enhance Chris's normal abilities. However because it contained Ditto, it began to eat away at his regular DNA and replace it with the Squid DNA. Now he was a mutant who was no longer cowardly. From then on he went by the name of Cyclosus.

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