Club Penguin Fan Universe
Ctrl Alt Delete
Vital statistics
Title Evil Ctrl
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Evil Geniuses
Health 100%
Level Unknown
Status Evil
Location Unknown (hidden lab)

Ctrl is an evil genius/scientist, that is 11th on the Antarctica's 10 most wanted, but is trying to reach 9. He is fascinated in odd or un-usual penguins, such as penguins with powers, or just abnormal features. He has been trying to run tests on Lightpenguin, but needed DNA from Lightpenguin before any tests can be made, so, he decided to KIDDNAP LIGHTPENGUIN! He has taken the Lightpenguin, and we are still searching for the lab that he is working at. Now, after kiddnapping Lightpenguin, he is wanted, and the reward for finding him is currently 1,000,000 coins.

Lightpenguin has been released, Ctrl is being looked out for, and Lightpuffle has been kidnapped. See more here and here.


He was born in 1990, and since then has had a thirst science. He built his lab and made his first lazer when he was only 4. Since then, he has been trying to build devices to destroy Antarctica, although, he always denies that he is a terrible inventor, though he actually is. He wishes to gain the powers that Lightpenguin posses, though he is aware that it could be life-risking if he attempts to obtain the jewel.



  • His name is actually based on the key, found on QWERTY keyboards, which stands for "Control", shortened to "Ctrl".
  • He is not related to G.

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