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Crow - The Hard Times
Crow - The Hard Times cover
Studio album by DJ Crow
ReleasedSeptember 19, 2009
GenreR&B, Pop, Dance
LabelMusic Industry
ProducerBig Music Co.
DJ Crow chronology

Crow - The Hard Times
Dance on Sunday
Singles from Dance on Sunday
  1. "Fusion Dance Nyt"
    Released: February 16, 2010
  2. "Night Club Jam"
    Released: March 21, 2010

Crow - The Hard Times is the debut album of DJ, now singer & dancer, DJ Crow, who is the brother of Ninjinian. It released on September 19, 2009. The debut cracked 3 singles, the first, "Don't Go Too Far" was #1 on the UnitedTerra Singles Chart for 10 weeks. The second and third singles, "Higher" and "Night Club Jam" were successful as well, being Top 20 hits. The debut album got Crow more publicity than ever, especially at the Night Club, where he did a special event every Friday night.


Single success[]

At first, the album was just another "amateur" singer album, who penguins thought producers would just toss away after. This was because they thought it was just an ordinary Crow, not the DJ Crow. After when the record label changed the album cover and re-released as DJ Crow, with him on the cover. The album immediately got attention and in the first week the album already went off to the Penguin Official Music Charts, peaking near the 90's. In the next week, the album had already reached into the 50's. By the third week, the album was into the Top 40, and is going successfully nationwide. The first single that got attention very quickly was "Don't Go Too Far", which already into the second week reached into the Top 40, and kept going up every week. The next very successful singles were "Higher" and "Night Club Jam", which are on the charts aswell. The album features many famous stars, such as Cadence.

As for producers, most of the singles are produced by Big Music Co.


The album debuted at #94 on the UnitedTerra Singles Chart, selling 54,000 copies in its first week. The album released in the USA on October 21st, 2009, and sold 40,000 in the first week. By the end of the first week, the two combined sold over 99,000.

As of March, 2010, the album has sold 700,000 copies in the UnitedTerra.

Track listing[]

# TitleProducer(s) Length
1. "Don't Go Too Far" (featuring Cadence)Big Music Co. 3:53
2. "Higher"  Big Music Co. 4:16
3. "Night Club Jam" (featuring Cadence)Big Music Co. 3:35
4. "Disco Dance"  Big Music Co. 5:43
5. "Party Everday"  Big Music Co. 4:22
6. "Rock the Dancefloor"  Big Music Co. 3:49
7. "Blowin' in the Wind"  Big Music Co. 3:06
8. "We Rock the Party"  Big Music Co. 5:22
9. "Fusion Dance Nyt"  Big Music Co. 3:12
10. "Space-Dance"  DJ Crow 4:23
11. "Drift"  DJ Crow 5:21

iceTubes bonus tracks
# TitleProducer(s) Length
12. "Don't Go Too Far (Remix)"  DJ Crow 3:53
13. "Campfire Song Song Extended"  DJ Crow 4:54
14. "Night Club Jam (Remix)" (pre-order edition bonus track)DJ Crow 3:35
15. "Escalator" (free bonus track)DJ Crow 4:21

Chart performance[]

Chart (2009) Peak
UnitedTerra Albums Chart
Antarctican Top 40 Albums
Freezeland Albums of 100
Penguin Official Music Charts
iceTunes Most Downloaded
Pengolia's Slappin' 40


  • The album did not do well in Slumolia. They are not that nice and don't really buy albums or singles so that they don't go up in the charts.
  • Straight after the release of DJ Crow's debut album, he started working on his next studio album, Dance on Sunday, which is expected to release in July 2010.

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