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Crocodiles are mysterious animals that inhabitat the shores of Leego Island. It is unknown of orgin and is so rare, that only seven known crocodiles live in Antarctica, all in Leego Island. After a thorough research by G and J, it is concluded that Mayor McFlapp probably made these creatures come to Antarctica from the outside world, and since they are cold-blooded and live in the most extreme enviroments, it is possible for these creatures to inhabitat the area.

Known Crocodiles[]

  • Croca, part of the "Leego Cabinet".
  • Corky, a Penguinian-speaking crocodile who manages a Frys Chalet branch in Leego Island.
    • Two other crocodiles work in the Frys Chalet branch
  • Balony, resident in Leego Island along with his wife Margret and son Lubert.

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