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|name  = Cream Soda Popinski

|image = |caption = A rockhopper family member |title = The Cream Soda drinking champ |gender = Male |race = Southern rockhopper penguin |faction = good guys |health = good |level = 21 |status = boxing while drinking soda |location = cream soda shop }}

Cream Soda Popinski is one of Rockhopper's many cousins mainly because he drinks excessive cream soda.


he was born at russia

Cream Soda Popinski was a a few months older than rockhopper when he was hatched. When Rockhopper Grew older they both had cream soda drinking contests.He recently took up boxing, and was in the world circuit.He fought Tails6000 in the circuit,they are friends to this day, but have a rivalry in boxing. He usually goes to the cream soda shop for more cream soda.


He is mainly a penguin with the type of health to have a lot of cream soda and never gets its side effects. He often plays Knock-out against Tails, but since Tails knew his move, he was gonna be toast. Then after the first time in the world circuit he changed his look to purple and scientists added a formula in his soda to make him stronger and faster. They still have a time to train together.thumb|100px|right|His theme song


  • He is a parody of Soda Popinski
  • It is unknown how he doesn't get the side effects of cream soda.
  • He is the only penguin in rockhopper's family to not have "Hopper" in his name

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