Club Penguin Fan Universe

This was the event where Cranberry is married to Mina.

The event[]

Hello. My name is Cranberry. I wish to tell you about a special event in my life. This specific event was the day Mina and I got married. Okay... Here we go! It all began when I told Crumbs I was getting married. "Who are woo gwetting mawwied to?" he asked. "Well, mi amigo," I said, "I'm marrying Mina." "Wowie!" said an excited Crumbs. After telling Crumbs, I decided to tell Grandberry, my grandpa. "Well," he said, "I know who the minister should be." "Who?" I asked. At that very moment, Grandberry gave a shrill whistle. A big bug came through the roof. It was Bugzy! "Well, well, well," said Bugzy. " I will be the minister at your wedding, but I will have to postpone a UPM meeting." "Bye!" I said. That afternoon, I saw Mina and I walked up to her. "Mina, can I tell you something?" I asked. "Sure, dude." she said. "Mina, will you marry me?" I asked. Mina was hesitant for a moment. "Y-y-YES! YES! YES I WILL!" Mina shouted. A few months later, Mina and I were married.


Crumbs ate an entire batch of cupcakes, Cranberry becomes happy, and the wedding becomes part of Antartic history.


  • After the wedding, Cranberry and Crumbs moved into Mina's igloo.
  • Cranberry got a few new toys for Crumbs.
  • Cranberry somehow got the ability to break the 4th wall.
  • Mina was so happy due to the wedding, she joined the Str00del Force to pay the bills.