Club Penguin Fan Universe
Klutzy Card-Jitsu Card
The "crab" card which is the same as the Klutzy card in Card Jitsu.
Vital statistics
Type A card game
Effects Millions of "Crabs!" were sold; huge success.
Cost to buy 20 coins
Cost to sell

Crabs! is a card game started in 2000 and later became a huge success. The game can have 2 to 9 players and the number of cards is 10 to 40 (depends on the version), of which 3 cards are "crabs". Each player gets an equal number of cards that has to be up to 4. The point is to bet on guesses of someone else's cards. The winner is usually whoever gets all three crabs but there are other ways to win.


Crabs! (2000)[]

The first edition of Crabs! was released on November 25th 2000. The game had 10 cards, 3 of them Crabs and the other 7 were blank. Having three Crabs was the only way to win the game.

Crocodile or Crab? (2001)[]

On November 25th 2001, to celebrate the first aniversary, five "crocodile" cards were added to buy seperately. Whoever had all five crocodiles could also win the game.

Bet on Orcas, Sharks and Seals (2004)[]

On 2004, twelve cards were added, four with orcas, four with sharks and four with seals. the player with all cards of the same animal wins.

Uncover the Secret Animal (2005)[]

On 2005, three black cards were added and who has them is allowded to lie about his cards without being considered "cheating".


  • A rule says the players can't bet on blank cards but it's usually ignored.