Robo Sthomas X!

Krabby's Disquise.For some reason it looks like Robo-Sthomas X.

(Evil rabby crabbis) Scientific name for Crabby Patty

Crabby Patty is a evil crab.


He used to be a minon of Herbert P. Bear and his other evil workers. He works with a Crab Army for now on.

He is a enemy of the EPF any tried to blow up the building but Herbert's face got blown up and got face surgry for 6 months and he sued Crabby Patty. Crabby Patty blew up Herbert's lair during Operation: Battle. The EPF agents put Crabby Patty in the jail but he got more powerful over the years


  • He is the only Crab that quit Herbert's Army.
  • He caused chaos at Herbert's Lair during Operation: Battle.
  • He is the unfamous Crab in history.
  • He is creating a machine called Doof'n Bear 3000 to destroy Herbert and Herbert's Army.
  • He stole EPF tech just to make a secret disquise so his real identy doesn't get spilled to the EPF.
  • After Operation: Hotsauce, he stole Herbert's pizza and ate all the pizza and Herbert fell off his laser and drowned and swam to land on CP.
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