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Klutzy, an evil crab.
Klutzy, an evil crab.
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Common throughout Antarctica.
Common throughout Antarctica.

Crabs are abundant creatures in the Antarctic and other various parts of the world that is the fourth most populous species in Antarctica, next to the penguin the fish and the puffle. Crabs are unable to speak and are mostly unintelligent, however, some crabs have far greater intelligence than the average penguin, one notable example being Herbert's sidekick, Klutzy. Crabs belongs to the crustaceous family, which do not have backbones.


The origin of the crab is unknown, but the first crab spotted and formally recorded in Antarctic history is in the eleventh century. Crabs are adapted to the cold environment and at the time the first crab was spotted, there was not much infrastrcuture or civilization, thus the spawning of crabs throughout the continent. The species became formally recognized as 'part of the Antarctic brotherhood' during the Late High Penguin Confederacy. With civilization came science which also spawned mutant crabs, including the infamous Str00del Force member MOAR KRABS.


Explorer, please write!


Crabs usually populate deserted areas and also help to maintain the population of fish. More intelligent crabs have been involved in notable events. The first Water Party in Club Penguin all started from a crab who knocked at a window too hard. Also, most of the Missions that the PSA is involved in involve a crab named Klutzy. Crabs are also the subject of popular culture, displaying them as anthropomorphic creatures, meaning that they could speak and act like penguins.

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