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Cow Kreator is the creator of The Cow Dimension. He is not a cow (but he can become one, and it is unknown why he spells creator with a K. He turns other penguins into Moo Penguins by feeding them two different types of magical grass.


Cow Kreator hatched sometime around when General Puff and his two siblings were growing up. He had an odd obbesssion with milk and wondered where it came from. Through research (and following) Cow Kreator decided to invent the Cow Dimension and all of the cows. So that's what he did and he later decided to turn evil. He decided he didn't wanna work for Darktan so he decided to work for Deathfin.

Deathfin gladly let him in and the Cow Dimension was used as their secondary headquarters. He also summoned cows when stuff went wrong for them in battles. He eventually became second commander in the army. He also tried to attack Flywish and Flywish somehow got PWNed. To finish off Flywish, Cow Kreator tranformed into a cow. Flywish then teleported behind Cow Kreator and PWNed him.


Cow Kreator has numerous powers which serve him well in battle.

  • He can produce cows out of thin air and make them fall on his victims. However, once the cows fall and get up, they vanish.
  • He can shapeshift into a cow, excellent for disguise.
  • He can summon and command cows (and Permacow Moo Penguins) to do his bidding.
  • He can control milk, as in, he can take it out of the jug, float it around, and throw it with telekinesis. Some call it "milk-bending".
  • He can produce cows out of thin air, and command them. They vanish after about an hour, unless he feeds them Permacow grass.


If Cow Kreator offers grass, look at the color. If the grass is black and leafy, it causes one to become a Permacow Moo Penguin (PMP). Once Permacows become cows, they forget who they are, thinking they always were cows.

If the grass is white, it causes one to become a Shapeshifting Bovine Moo Penguin (SSBMP). SSMBPs can turn into a cow and back at whim, without losing their memory or being stuck in bovine form. This is the power (as opposed to the disease), and is the one that a potential Moo Penguin should request.


  • Some thought he would be in the Str00del Force until he worked for Deathfin.
  • He despises Serious Cat.
  • He never says "moooooooo".
  • He can talk, even when he becomes a cow.

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