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Cow Dimension
The cow dimension image
The entrance
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Vital statistics
Type Alternate world
Level Unknown
Location The Cow Dimension
Inhabitants Moo Penguins, Cows

The Cow Dimension is an alternate world where Moo Penguins and cows live, like Nothing. Not much is known about it, aside from it's history, and the fact that only a few penguins know about it. The Masters of the Universe do not currently know about it, but they have been informed of "strange moo happenings" by their fellow colleagues, the Masters of other Universes.


Moo Penguins[]

Moo penguins have been recorded as far back as the 1930s, suggesting that Cow Kreator is much older than his dimension. The lords of Margerine Plantation "hired" Moo Penguins as serfs to build their dairy empire.

The actual dimension[]

The Cow Dimension was created by G for April Fools 09'. With help from the Cow Kreator, they made an alternate world where cows and Moo Penguins live. But when G met Box Creator, he had a better idea to make the Box Dimension, so he abandoned the Cow Dimension. The cows then lived happily with lots of sun, fun, milk, grass, and barns for a long time. After the party, more penguins became Moo Penguins and went to the Cow Dimension.

It's evil, alternate version would be the Bovine Gate.


The cow dimension

This dimension, though large, so far only contains one city known as The Cow City. They seperate it into three columns: Main Cow Column, West Cow Column and East Cow Column. In the MCC, there is the Pasture, the Portal, the Milk Parlour, the Barns and the Lake which runs through all three columns.

The WCC are rusted and half-built, and so as the ECC. Most of it are half-built, while some are so new.



Moo Penguins






  • Farmers (they farm a lot in this area. Both Cows and Moo Penguins hate it).
  • Settlers (they keep on taking up a lot of space).
  • Butchers (they kill cows and turn them into cheeseburgers)

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