Club Penguin Fan Universe

Count Nano is a Vampenguin that holds unlimited power. He is also ruler of Scary Island.


When he was a chick, Nano was infected with Vampenguism. He began becoming evil. When he was older, he found the deed to his private island, Scary Island. When he got there, he and his daughter Minty found the Power Diamond, his family's heirloom. Nano became insane with power. He now calls himself Count Nano.



I am evil...

w00t 1 1Z 3V1L!

Oh boy... did i drink 1000 lbs of Cream Soda again?


Like Explorer, Count Nano has modes.

Evil Mode: His usual mode.

Sugar Mode: He goes into this mode when he eats any sugar. He acts like a Str00del.

Petguin Mode: Nano turns yellow and puts on bunny ears. He'll act more like both a Str00del and a petguin.

Mwa Mwa Mode: He'll go into this mode when he hears or talks about Mwa Mwa Penguins.

Anti-Mwa Mwa Mode: When he talks about attacking or eliminating Mwa Mwas, he'll go into this mode.

Trivia He goes into modes by having a coma.

He hates Demon Penguins.

He hates all good things.