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Cospe "Alexkan" Devote
In Spree
Vital statistics
Title Mr. Cospe Alexkan Devote
Gender Male
Race Devote Family: Adelie Penguin
Health Healthy after some exercise in the last few weeks
Level 45
Status Alive
Location Sherby Hoodwounds
Occupation Journalist
Friends Unknown
Enemies None
Archetype Good

Cospe Alexkan Devote is the current editor of FancyPants and an editor for the MAI Times.


Cospe hatched in 1986, in a normal family. When he went to elemantry school and when he was in the third grade, he wrote a story known as Why We Had Zee Fun Of Zee Fun?. Hundreds of students read it as it was posted on the notice/bulletin board in school.


When he studied in Penguin University's Langauge Arts, he gained a degree and started to publish a small newspaper known as Cospe Newspapers. It went bankrupt a year later, which was also the year The CP Times invited him to be editor.


In the third quarter in 2007, the CP Times had invited him to be the current editor of the CP Times. His salary was between 200 to 400 coins a week. At the end of the year, he started FancyPants newspaper, the local newspaper in nearby Sherby Hoodwounds.


In August 2008, he quitted the CP Times to concentrate on the FancyPants newspaper. The merger was withdrawn in October 2008 due to it being that each island gets it's own newspaper. In January 2009, he recieved the "Best Newspaper Editor of the Year" in Sherby Hoodwounds, distrbuted by the government of MAI.


Cospe's newspaper column involves reviews of popular places, political updates, trivia, and small biographies of various characters and creatures in Antarctica. It is extremely popular, and can be read in the FancyPants article every


  • He has a puffle named Johnny, and Johnny is now 5 yrs of age.
  • He has an icePod Nano, red in colour containg 8GB and a Pad-Top using Doors 2008
  • He has ridden on MAIAir.

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