Club Penguin Fan Universe

Cosmic is a penguin who's job is an astronaut. He is currently on the Moon in Space Station R12-79. He is the leader of The Moon Force, an army that has one goal: protect the Moon and the USA from aliens.


Cosmic was born to two weird parents on March 11, 1990. As a chick, his dream was to be an astronaut, once the technology needed was available. He decided to go to the moon when he grew up. In 2009, he, his girlfriend Missy, a lot of Mwa Mwa Penguins, and a few Twiguins were sent to the moon to live on Space Station R12-79. Cosmic is currently leading The Moon Force, an army made up of Mwa Mwa Penguins, Petguins, Twiguins, and other residents of Space Station R12-79.


  • Cosmic has developed anti-alien weapons and technology for his army.
  • He deleted The Test from his PengStation and now it makes what he calls "lunar waffles" for him and the residents of Space Station R12-79.
  • He likes eating waffles.
  • In an interview live from the moon, Cosmic has said he will not go back to the USA until all alien life forms from space have been destroyed.