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Corssland Towers
The three towers
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Vital statistics
Type Office Complex
Level 64 stories high.
Location Margate Antartica Island
Inhabitants Office Workers

The Corssland Towers are three colourful towers located in the capital of Margate Antartica Island. They are famous landmarks in all over MAI.


They were built on 8 August 2007 so that office employees would have a place to work. They named it "The Corssland Towers" as they were situated in the neighborhood of Corssland. The first building, known as Lisuana and Benzidi, is the main tower for most office workers. It was named after Lisuana Jeanny Japering, the wife of Benzidi Japering, CEO of Japering Investmants and Insurances Inc. The second building, was supposed to be higher that others but due to melting permafrost it sank lower.


The towers consist entirely of office space, divided into multiple cubicles and offices. However, all of Floor Sixty Three serves as the massive, luxirous headquarters of serveral companies. Floor Sixty Four serves as a lookout point, with a very beautiful view.

The second floor, below the first floor are the more, special, workoffices and carpark are specially accessed by the exclusive Dorkugal car lift.


Office employees.


Paper, copy machines, advice... the usual things found in an office complex.

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