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Corruption Amulet
Corruption Amulet image
The Corruption Amulet; FEAR IT!
Vital statistics
Type Amulet
Effects Corruption
Source Corrupter
Location Unknown
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Corruption Amulet is a long lost Elemental Amulet owned by Corrupter that was corrupted By Evil. Corruption is unnatural and is not an Element, thus this is not an elemental amulet, although it is powerful.


Long ago the Elemental Amulets were created by the high penguins with The Silmarils from the essence of The Two Trees. The Amulets that were created had great power the Amulets were Fire, Earth, Ice, Water, Air, Shadow, and Light.

Of course, there were other elements being made illegally, in secret.

Among these were what would be come the Corruption amulet. This amulet was supposed to bring peace and happiness to the world, but something went wrong. The amulet was corrupted by evil forces and darkness. It became the Corruption Amulet.

Before the amulet could be used, it was lost and disappeared for one thousand years. Then, one day the Amulet was found by a young penguin. While his name is lost to history, he is known as the Corrupter. He amassed himself an army in an attempt to enslave Antarctica. After a great battle, though, he was imprisoned with the Corruption Amulet in a vortex, never to be seen again.

The amulet was locked away in the Big Fat Building o' Archives. Corrupter was trapped, until a new employee accidentally bumped into its display case. He watched in horror as the amulet clanged to the ground.

The Corrupter was released! He immediately zapped the guard and flew then flew out of the building's roof. Armed with the Amulet, the Corrupter fled far away, into a secret place, where they are building their army now to destroy Antarctica.


The Amulet gives the users many great powers but comes at a price. By using the Amulet, the user becomes Corrupt except for Corrupter who is already corrupt as he can be and somehow managed to master Corruption.

Among many things, the Corruption Amulet can induce nightmares, fire beams of dark aura, drain energy from a rival, and cause explosive diarrhea.


  • Corrupter is the Keeper of the Corruption Amulet.

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