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The Corrupteers are a rogue group that works for Corruptor. Like him, they are bent on corrupting other people trhough devious means. Many of them have been corrupted by Corruptor or previous Corrupteers.


The Corrupteers started as a group of psycopathic or sociopathic penguins found by Corruptor to creat destruction to make others sad and depressed. Many of them were criminals or mentally unstable and were released from the prison or institution they were in.


The Corrupteers are working for Corruptor to turn people into villains. They usually do whatever they please but it allows Corruptor to help corrupt people. Many injuries, arson, deaths, were committed by them in the hopes of damaging the people around their crimes. They usally don't steal or kidnap, but this is not unheard of. They usually have pet Corrupted Puffles, which they send to people to make them crazy. The members don't care too much of themselves, so they are able to do things that would defy common sense and put their lives at risk.

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