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{{eventInfobox |name = The event when Gonthono Bally became president of Lowlaw Island |image = Image:Coronation_of_Gonotho_image.PNG |caption = Don't you snach my crown... |participants = [[Chub 777], Gothono, audience and puffles |date = 28th May 2009, 6.53 PM |location = Outside DotWC's building }}

The Coronation of Gonthono was when Gothono Bally, 2nd president of Lowlaw Island, became president and was handed the presidencial crown from Chub 777, former president.

The event[]

The event was broadcasted Antarctic-wide by the ABC (Antacrtic Broadcasting Company). It took 7 hours in total.

There outside DotWC's building was Gothono and Chub sitting in the chairs. next to them were their asistants, Wreakolton Foren and Chrab 235 (who was part of the 0-999 'C' colony). An hour before Chub was inside a Snowing 747 codenamed Snow Force Two. He made his speach followed by a banana flying at him which was shot by Chub667X, who was later taken away by security. Gothono made his speach followed by Mallard Tran who was president of REPoNLL. After lots of speaches by other penguins, Chub Adelie and Gothono Bally both stood up and Chub held his crown.

Chub threw the crown followed by a BOO-DUGE which inflated an airbag under the crown. Everyone clapped. Gothono then held the crown, pressed the deflate button and placed the crown on his head. This followed lots of claps.

They ate at a trillion coin restaraunt inside the DotWC building. That was then followed by a parade of penguins, puffles, Terns and other creatures. Chub slept inside the DotWC hotel and was flown back to Club Penguin the day after.


Gothono became president of Lowlaw Island and Chub 777 became famous somehow. Now that he works at the Coffee Shop, penguins usually tip him more than the actual price. There has now been an increse of votes to DotWC by 0.4% each year. Penguins suggest that REPoNLL would rule over Lowlaw in 5-7 years. Penguins now also get more jobs in Lowlaw and Highlaw and get a payrise of 5 coins per year. However in September, Chub 777 became president again due to some reasons

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