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CookieMakers Inc. is a company founded by Cookie that produces cookies for penguins and puffles to eat. Thus, you see the cookies in your Puffle list. The company resides in Cookie Island.


CookieMakers Inc. was founded on 2003 in Cookie Island by Cookie, currently the chairman of the comapany. It's first product was Cookies4Me, which rivaled Cookies4Penguins Inc.'s Cookies4You. Soon, it produced more products, including the famous Puffle Cookie. It soon bought Cookies4Penguins Inc., and soon renamed Cookies4You to IWantACookie and renamed again to Tasty and Yummu Minibites. Now, it is one of the biggest food companies in the Antarctic Peninsula.


  • Tasty and Yummy! (formerly Cookies4Me)-The original Penguin Cookie
  • List o' Tasty and Yummy! Variants-The list of variants (excluding Minibites)
  • Tasty and Yummy Minibites (formerly IWaNtaC00kIe and before that, Cookies4You)-Penguin Cookie in mini-shaped form.
  • Puffles Cookie-Puffle Cookie, the ones you see at you Puffle Food List.
  • Real Oreo Cookie-Cookie Sandwhich, in between is where choclate flavour could be found.
  • Whole Wheat Cookie-A Cookie that doesnt have Fat


  • Confusion between the two food companies (One bought) cause many penguins to get confused.
  • The IWaNtAc00kIe product, formerly Cookies4You, could be for Str00dels. Due to that, the name changed into Tasty and Yummy Minibites.
  • Real Oreo Cookie was sued by Oreo Antarctica Inc., for copying it's OREO. It was later sued by the real company (unknowingly), and then again by Oreo Antarctica Inc. Due to that, they changed the white cream into ironic chocalate.
  • Reports by the AVA show that some cookie products are infected. They cause the penguin to fart like mad and then the penguin starts spinning around and even worse... gets Fat diesease. Due to that, the company recalled all products. They did not know what to do with it, but UBully ate them all up for no certain reason.


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