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Chord, Timbre, Adigio, and Interval:
The Consonance Brothers
Pure ice...
Vital statistics
Title Barbershop Quartet
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Adigio is Cadence's great-grandfather.
Health Three (Interval, Chord, and Adigio) are still alive.
Level In perfect harmony
Status Elderly, but still singing
Location Snowflake Valley Retirement Home

The Consonance Brothers was a barbershop quartert consisting of four brothers, Chord, Timbre, Adigio, and Interval, Adigio being direct ancestors to Cadence, Metronome, and Tapestrea. These musically gifted singers are just one of the many, many virtuosos in Cadence's family. Of the four original singers, three are still alive and can be visited at Snowflake Valley Retirement Home.


Though the records are few, the Snell-Libros state that the quartet hatched about a few weeks' apart, sometime in Olde Antarctica. They began singing in unity at a very young age, about the time they could speak. Their musical style was about the turn-of-the-century, but they pulled it off.

Despite their old-timey music, the Consonances had a familiar dancing and daring streak. Considering the quartet was acapella, they had to learn how to make music with their voices alone. This provided for a chance to learn beatboxing, a skill they mastered and did as good as their harmony.

Vocal talent wasn't the only characteristic Cadence's great-grandfather and great-uncles carried in them. Like the rest of the family, the quartet had natural hair that was in odd shades like pink, purple, blue, and red. Also like the modern family, they preferred to make it all spiky and such, which was considered a big shock in those days.

The group wore boater hats, suits, and suspenders, as was common in such quartets. However, the Consonance Brothers were not a common quartet. They also wore familiar multi-colored scarves, wristbands, and colorful suspenders (as opposed to the bland colors of suspenders that normally exist). Though they lived up to the dress of their profession, it should be noted that thyey were a bit dressed down. They didn't button their suits and their ties were a bit loose, but they were incredible at their harmony and they were polite to their fans; yes, a barbershop quartet with fans. Thus is the Cadence family way. Their career extended to local gigs and small-time concerts. They didn't become world-reknowned, but they had fun doing it and they sang their hearts out.

They continued to sing for the rest of their lives. Their act came to a crashing end when Timbre collapsed while singing. He had died of old age.


After the initial mourning of Timbre, the other brothers went on to sing until they were federally mandated to move to the Retirement Home. They continue to sing for any visitors who come by.


  • The Consonance Brothers are very close to Cadence and Tapestrea, but they strongly disapprove of their sibling rivalry.
  • Metronome looks up to the brothers as a source of inspiration. He visits them very frequently with his sisters.
  • Label has given them record labels.

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