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Console Ltd is a game-console manafacturing company based in Sealville, Trans-Antarctica of USA, set up in 2005. It has gone into the fifth biggest game console manafacturing company below Sony Antarctica, Snowtendo, Muffin, and Micro Hard and Soft. It is known for it's Antarctica Game Console, the line acquired from Dorkugese Game Manafacturing.


In 2005, Swa Ting Long of Sealville decided to set up a game console manafacturing company. He first produced Seal Consoles, which was only popular within Sealville.

In 2006, they acquired New Nine Dots and Berling-Chinken-Sawla Industries and became popular with it's successor to Seal Consoles, New Nine Consoles and Chinken Consoles, which later merged to form and create a new product a year later titled Antarctica Game Console along with discontinued and unprofitable Dorkugese Game Console, the product line itself. The console got lots more attention outside.

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