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Confederate Republic of Western Maps Island
Flag of CRWM
MottoConfederacy is our land to build on!
Le'a Bandera
Crossed Crown.
Location of CRWM
The map of two countries.
Official languages Northern English, Aquili'enian
Recognised regional languages Aquili'enian
Species  Wild Seals
Demonym West Mapsian
Membership INA
Government Democracy
 -  General Minister of CRWM King Humuhumunukunukuapua'a I
Split of Maps Island. Maps Island split up in May, 2009 due to bad economical state. 
 -  Establishment 31st of May, 2009 
 -  10,050 km2 
3,880 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 65%
 -  2009 estimate 1750 
 -  2010 census 2500 
Currency Barth (B)
Yes, they have.
Drives on the Right.
Calling code 161
Footnotes It is a "sibling" to its' neighbour - DREM.

Confederate Republic of Western Maps Island is a country located away from Antarctica. It is located on the western part of Maps Island. It is a Democratic, wealthy country. It has just a few relations with its' neigbour located on the eastern part of the island - DREM. Experienced politicians warn, that they are going on a direct path to a serious conflict. The country is considered as an independent nation by most of the USA and other countries excluding Freezeland and UnitedTerra.

MAI has suggested a merger between the two islands, along with the Democratic Republic of Eastern Maps Island. The government has yet to decide if this should be the case or not. MAI has proposed mergers with countries in a joint effort to be as big as USA and UnitedTerra, along with exiting its position as a free republic in the USA.


Maps Island was discovered in 2004. It was isolated, so it was really poor, and its' inhabitants were very unhappy because of lack of many everyday use things and food. IrishProvo1916 led the country badly. Finally, he made contact with the USA and let the island in as a Free Republic. This didn't work. He was forced to abdication, and the country split to two countries - CRWM and DREM. This all happened in May, 2009.


At first, the country's currency was Dollar ($). When it joined as a Free Republic (still talking about Maps Island), it changed to New Dollar (N$). Now, Barth (B) is the official currency of CRWM.


The country has two official languages, just like Freezeland. The first one is Northern English. It is very similar to Free Republic English, but with many significant changes such as the accent and some words. The second one is Aquili'enian language which is really different. Aquili'enian comes from Aquili - a town in the south-western partm of the country. It is in the NLG group. English is spoken here as well.


CRWM is divided onto Lande'es with smaller urban areas as their capitals. There are ten different Lande'es in the country. The capital one is the Colombian Lande, where the capital is located. It is on the western side of Maps Island, and it is a bit bigger than its' neighbour - DREM.


Kings are chosen by the population. They can serve up to five terms. They choose their royal title, which often are long, but they are used in the public. Current King is King Humuhumunukunukuapua'a I, previously known as Louis Mark Chatham. He was elected in June, 2009.