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The Colonial Times
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Bokobakachababokache, or The Colonial Times in English, was the official newspaper of Colonial Antarctica which lasted from 1975 to 1985. It was published by Erls Press, formerly part of the former Antarctic Times company. It was eventually bought by Newston Press, and merged the newspaper with their own to form a brand new Colonial Times.

Many argue that The Colonial Times was originally 'The Olde Times', as the colonial era only started in 1985. However, reports have proven it was named 'The Colonial Times' all along, as the press was in favor of the colonial system then.


The official newspaper of Olde Antarctica before 1975 had financial difficulties, and the editors were against each other. Eventually, the company had to split into two, one being Erls Press, the other being Frontiers Press. Both press companies were in favor of the colonial ruling system, thus naming thier newspapers 'The Colonial Times' and 'The Daily Colonial' respectively, although the former used 'Bokobakachababokache' as its official name to differentshape it from its rival.

The newspaper sold well in Olde Antarctica, and was the official newspaper from 1975 to 1985. It was only in the year 1985 did problems began to arise. Unable to solve them, they had to sell themselves to a Newston Press. It was merged with their own newspaper brand to form a new 'Colonial Times' which went on until 1998. Meanwhile, its rival continued to live on until 1995, and was revived again until the year 1997.


They featured a line in two holes design, which consisted of a line and two black holes in the middle with the newspaper title on top. The title was red in the font Times New Roman.


  • LINK STOP LAUGHING MAH BOI, although created in 2009 (more than twenty years later), had ever been featured here as a sub-story (January 16 1978). The story featured a somewhat green character laughing hysterically and then thrown out of the igloo by two penguins. The laughing part lasted a page (305 letters).
  • Carter condemened this paper of copyright. Well, Bokobakachababokache won the lawsuit eventually.
  • The way to pronnouce the newspaper's original title is Boe-koe-bah-kah-cha-ba-bo-ka-che. That is Hawoo for Ihavefoundthetreasurefirst". Turns out that the newspaper team were having a conflict so after midnight, one of them slid away to change the original title, The Colonial Times in Hawoo (Koekah Chaba Kaliche) to I have found the treasure first (Bo ko ba kacha ba bok kache). Learn more of Hawoo here.

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