Map of Colonial Antarctica by race of penguins. Click to enlarge.

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History of Antarctica
The Early Years
Few organised tribes
Babbelonian Empire
Penguin Empire
Mid High Penguin Confederacy
Land of Lord Guin
Late High Penguin Confederacy
Khanzem & Grand Ol' Land
Snowman Empire
A While Back
Olde Antarctica
Colonial Antarctica
Present Day
United States of Antarctica
Geek Empire


Other Countries in Antarctica
Other Significant Former Countries
Republic of Poleland
Frozantium Empire
Hypothetical Scenarios
Mabel Dystopia
Dictatorship of the Darks
Darktonian Empire
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Major Events in the
Overthrowal of
Colonial Antarctica
Legislatures of Tyranny
Paper Act
Coffee Act
Unbearable Acts
Intergrated School Law
CP Trade Shutdown
Lockup Act
Burger Fees
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Core Protests
We're Not Gonna Take It
(Rallying Anthem)

King Gives Up
Club Penguin Coffee Riot
Paul the Revered's Late-Night Ride
Paper Act Congress
Plaza Mauling
Night Club Protests
House of Burger-ness
First 1337 Congress
Second 1337 Congress
Constitution Writing Squad
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Battle of Ski Hill

Battle of York Street
Penguville Rebellion
Pengu Town Mission
Battle of Luckyton and Coconut
The Battle at George Washing Machine's

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Key Figures and Groups
The Club
Explorer V
Benny Franklin
King Greg III
Patrick Henrod
Freezelandian Separatist Movement
The Leader
Dark Penguin Tribal Alliance
Siblings of Liberty
Trans-Antarctic Men
White Mountain Men
Blast of O'Berry
Chinstrap Independence Movement
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Major Items and Documents

Declaration of Reorganization

Declaration of Freezelandian Soverignty

Declaration of Chinstrap Independence

Declaration of Dark Penguin Colony Independance

Articles of Loose Togetherness

Constitution of the United States
of Antarctica

Constitution of Darklonia

Constitution of Chinstrap

Bill of Stuff All
Penguins Should Have

Duh!- by Thomas Ouch

Key Places
Club Penguin

King George's Island

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Colonial Antarctica was the ruling system government over Antarctica after Olde Antarctica, and before the United States of Antarctica.

Brief history

When STINC control of Antarctica was overthrown, penguins suggested a new government. Eventually they decided on a monarchy, with a king. The penguins were divided into colonies, based on their species, and were ruled by a king (usually one of the genus Aptenodytes), whose palace was located on King George's Island on the place where now is CP City. Now it just so happens that King George's Island is incredibly close to Club Penguin Island, deserted at the time.

Colonial Antarctica

The Revolution.The blue areas are revoloutionists, and the red areas are the loyalists.

Then, one year, the new king began taxing heavily on things like coffee, ice, fish and such. The penguins decided to revolt, and a small band struck out in a ship to overthrow the king. Eventually, the band reached Club Penguin. Using the island as a base, the band recruited and brought more penguins in their army. Then, one day, they invaded the castle and defeated the guards with a Snow Ball Gun. They threw the king in a broom closet with neccessary supplies and put the closet out to sea, unlocking it so that the king could at least survive. Then the band left the island and formed a "Club", the exact same one that started South Pole City. After leaving South pole City in the flippers of Judge Xavier, they went back to the island and decided to start a town, which became the island of Club Penguin.

On the present day island, there is a lost underwater tunnel on the north side of CP that leads to King George's Island in what now is CP City. The tunnel was dug by the "Club" to provide a passage into King George's Island. Some young reckless chicks found the tunnel and started a new town there, which eventually became Club Penguin City.

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