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Cold Fuss is the debut album of penguin band - The Chillers. As well as many Killers songs, the band have featured some original songs as well!

Track Listing[]

  1. Evacuate The Ice - (Cascada Song: Evacuate The Dance Floor)
  2. Somebody Cold Me - (The Killers Song: Somebody Told Me)
  3. Read My Mind - (The Killers Song)
  4. Colossus - (original song)
  5. Mr Iceslide - (The Killers Song: Mr. Brightside)
  6. A Day As You - (original song)
  7. Freezens Unknown - (The Killers Song: For Reasons Unknown)
  8. Walshy3 In Antartica - (original song; to the tune of - We're The Kids In America by Kim Wilde)
  9. That Big Flipper - (original song)

Album Listings[]

The album was 2nd in the POMC's Album Chart for 3rd August - 9th August. It was beaten by the album Pepperbridge by Asterisk.


The album was well recieved by critics and got a 4 stars from Penguin Music Enterprise magazine.

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