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Cluelessness is Joy
Cluelessness is joy chase scene
Aye-Que is a good singer
Vital statistics
Participants Tails6000, Doctor Aye-Que, Wings, Eclipse, Melvin Turtleheimer (helped free Eclipse)
Date 9/5/09
Location Aye-Que's base

Cluelessness is Joy is a song sung about Aye-Que's preference of education over strength, and Eclipse can't stand it.

The event[]


The curtain rises. We see Eclipse and Aye-Que. Aye-Que is next to a chalkboard laden with formulas.

Aye-Que: -and I'll use quantum physics-

Eclipse: You, you make Tails look like bodybuilders. You're clueless, far too weak to rule an empire!

Aye-Que: I take education and robotics over bliss and strength any day, because cluelessness is joy.

Eclipse: Song cue!

*song starts playing*

Aye-Que: AWAKE!

It is I your one and only ruler... Doctor Aye-Que!

I'm a puffle this you see a little small and a little gray

but on the whole I'd say I'm very strong.

Robots: Mrs. Eclipse I know your frightened... ooh ooh

but if you knew just why your here your fear would just be heightened

Aye-Que: So lets just say cluelessness is joy!

Aye-Que: oh well I hate to be a-singin' I brought you here to bring me penguins

you know those team-mates oh whats there names...

Oh yes!

Tails6000 and Wings their names alone make my fur sting

I'd like to hit them with my wrench and beat them at your game.

Robots: Mrs. Eclipse, your so misguided ooh ooh

Aye-Que: I've never been fond of strongmen but then again this one does make good

Tails6000 bait

I can't wait

Cluelessness is joy!

With my high IQ I'll shower those foolish creatures with my power

till Gentoo island is nothing but messy gruel

my only problem with these bots they are big and I am not

so every bot thickens the plot and all I want are those penguin fools

Robots: Mrs. Eclipse, your not so clever ooh ooh

All your strength is just-worthless goop 'cause education's better

Aye-Que: I'll say it again Cluelessness is joy

Aye-Que: Have you not heard that no learning is absurd?

You call yourself a PWNguin but you're just muscles and a dress

I can't believe you waste time with these weights!

You remind me of Miss Fended.

Worked out and got suspended

she flunked her test



ON 2+2


(piano solo)

I'd like them to partale

(piano solo)

just one time up on a quiz show

(piano solo)

I'd beat them there!

Robots: Mrs. Eclipse, I know your frightened (so misguided)

if you knew just why your here your fear would just be heightened

Mrs. Eclipse, your not so clever (learning's so much better)

All your strength is just-worthless goop 'cause education's better

Aye-Que: For the last time!!!!

{music swells}

On second thought I think I've made my point.


  • Aye-Que makes his point, he's a weakling.
  • Tails and Wings save eclipse soon after.

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