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A lap around this track is only about 5 seconds when your on a race hoverboard!
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Vital statistics
Type Race Arena
Level 100
Location Club Penguin Island
Inhabitants Racers, fans

The C.P.S.R.S is one of the 2 Speed Racing courts made so far. It has a race every week, where 2 teams of 4 come to play.


The C.P.S.R.S was made when Club Penguin needed a new way for penguins to get coins. So several penguins voted that they wanted to use Xtreme Gear in there game. The giant Race Dome constriction started in 2008, and ended in 2010. It is now one of the most popular Club Penguin Competitions.


There is a 3 large rows of seats surrounding the race track, a giant target, and several snack stands to watch the race.


There is several snack stand that sell food and drinks, a shop to buy souvenirs, a small puffle play-house so your puffle can play or watch the vent. There is the seats to watch the massive races, too. The target is to be hit with the Point Ball.


Every day, 2 teams of 4 will come for Speed Racing. There are thousands of screaming fans, too.


Game haters, the always boo at the racers and through stuff that jams up the hoverboards flight accelerators.


Thrills, entertainment, toys and collectibles, Xtreme Gear.

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