Club Penguin Fan Universe
Vital statistics
Participants Video game likers
Date July 1st, 2010
Location Iceberg

The Club Penguin Game-a-Thon, usually shortened to Game-a-Thon, was a video game competition and showcase held from July 1st, 2010 to July 5th, 2010. Video game enthusiasts flock from all other the Antarctic to get to the Game-a-Thon, held at the Iceberg at Club Penguin. Games that were in the competition were New Super Antics Bros. Vii, Super Antics Galaxy, Tails and the Secret Rings and Penguin Kart 2. Games that were showcased included Penguin Kart 3: Race Through Time, Average Crazy Ninja Penguins and more.

Games-a-Thon Competition[]

The competition consisted of four playing rounds held on July 1st and 2nd, preliminaries on July 3rd, quarter-finals and semi-finals on July 4th and eventually the finals on July 5th. The competition winner was Amiya McHosen.

Playing Rounds



  • Game: New Super Antics Bros. Vii
  • Objective: Co-op play, reach end first.
  • Held: July 4th, 9AM to 1PM. Whole CP.


  • Game: Tails and the Secret Rings
  • Objective: Complete the game with highest score.
  • Held: July 4th, 1PM to 6PM. Whole CP.


  • Game: Brawl parody.
  • Objective: Beat out all opponents in game.
  • Held: July 5th, 3PM to 4PM. Iceberg only.


Everything was sold, leaving Video Penguin watching late night cartoons.

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